Horses, just like humans, will display discomfort in different ways. Some will become depressed and display a lack of enthusiasm, some will be overly hyper or even aggressive. Just imagine yourself with a constant belly ache. Within 1-4 weeks of removing processed food from your horses diet, you will notice a change in temperament. Your previously lazy horse may have a bit more spunk, and your very anxious horse may seem to have taken a deep breath.


Your horse's coat will change. It will be richer and shinier. Often horses will become darker and their black markings will become larger and/or more pronounced. One reason for that is the increase in Omega 3 fatty acids and the other one the decrease of iron overload. When horses get too much iron, which can cause Insulin Resistance, Cancer, Cushings, Laminitis, Liver Failure and Tendon Injuries, their coat will have a bleached out look. You will see those changes in 2-6 weeks.


Molasses does not only inhibit up to 29% of vitamin and mineral absorption, it also has inflammatory properties. So does corn, corn oil, wheat, and processed food in general. My removing the above you will decrease the total inflammatory load on your horse. By adding rose hips to your horses diet, you will help protect and rebuilt cartilage with every feeding. The result is a sounder horse that will need less injections and will be more willing to work. You should see changes within 2-3 months.

With a better temperament, more soundness, improved muscle development and a healthier hoof, you will most certainly have improved performance.

Hoof growth

Hoof growth is one of the most visible tools to evaluate your horses nutritional status. Rose hips, sunflower seeds and flax all promote a healthy hoof growth. Within 4-6 weeks you will notice your horse to have a healthier hoof growth.

 Hay Belly/ no Top Line

The hay belly can be caused by eating large amounts of less nutritious hay and grass, yet is more often related to chronic bowel inflammation. The belly looks unproportionally large in comparism to the over all muscle mass which is usually lacking especially in the top line of the horse. By healing the digestive tract with real food, the inflammation will subside and by providing high quality digestible protein, muscle mass increases. Those changes should be evident within 2-3 months.

real food-real results